10 Essential Streetwear Items For Stylish Millennials In 2017

Keeping up with the latest trends in fashion has gotten a lot easier with all of the social media platforms available nowadays.  Still, it can be a bit overwhelming to see the end product and not know how to reach that point.  Dressing well is as simple as having a few quality pieces of clothing that blend well with the rest of your wardrobe.  Here's our millennial style guide for 2017. All White Shoes

  1. White Shoes-  A pair of coke white Adidas, Keds, Nike Air Forces or whatever brand they are is essential.  White contracts perfectly against the, blacks, greys, and forest colors people are wearing at all times.  Whether you’re strapped for cash or just a simple person,  a pair of all white sneakers helps making outfits go together much simpler.  Shirtless Model With Black Pants And High Sneakers
  2. Black Pants or Jeans-  Again we have an all purpose item to fill out the wardrobe.  Whether you want them to torn or not is up to you, but you can wear the same black pants everyday with different shirts and still by the flyest person aroundModel Joaquin Orlando With Black Tee Shirt
  3. White and Black Tees-  Both colors are timeless classics.  White personifies cleanliness and also goes with whatever else you choose to wear, especially during the day or against darker skin tones. Black blends into the night, is slimming, and looks best against lighter skin tones.   A deep neck or long tee for boys and firm fit for women is probably the way to go.  Model With Black Leather Jacket Standing On a Road
  4. Black Jacket-  The black jacket makes sure that even though you’re fitted, you’re also climate ready.  Bomber jackets, zip-ups, hoodies, and trench coats all qualify for black jacket status.  Bombers are my favorite though, as they’re multipurpose and let my layers show.  The right one can also function in semi-formal settings almost like a blazer.Model With Beanie, Camo Jacket, and Shades
  5. Shades-  Shades get things done for the blocking the sunlight from your eyes and your eyes from onlookers.  Shades help you keep a certain air of coolness while masking imperfections on the face, especially from the night before.  Adidas NMD sneakers on steps streetwear
  6. Stylish Pair of Trainers (Sneakers)-  The stylish selection of Adidas NMDs, Nike Roshe Runs, Nike Huaraches, and Jordans have solidified sneakers as a staple of street culture.  I’m also a huge fan of Asics and the Nike Blazers do it for me as well.Lacing Up Boots
  7. Boots- Timbs, combat, and chelsea boots are a few of the more stylish options and are essential for a street style wardrobe, especially in places where it gets slippery out from constant rain or snow.  Brown and black tones are the way to go.Apple Watch Model
  8. Watch-  There aren’t many guidelines for a watch except to just have one.  Not only do they keep you from being one of those people that stays on their phone just to see the time, a watch helps you show off a bit of your persona.  Watches can be smart for more active people, have tachometers for nautical lovers, and have built in GPS for those who are explorers.  And if you can, compliment your watch with some arm candy.    Photographer With Hat
  9. Hat-  Caps are nice for men and women.  They help combat bad hair days, the sun’s glare, and can be the perfect accessory to cap off an outfit.

Model with gray joggers streetwear

  1. (photo via Pinterest)
  2. Grey Joggers-  Ah, finally the gray joggers.  The one clothing piece that fits with all of the aforementioned is a crisp set of gray joggers.  Find a pair that are baggy enough for free movement and tight enough to show your physique.  A few accents on them doesn’t hurt as long as you don’t turn yourself into a walking billboard.

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