6 Reasons Why All Musicians Need Managers

Kendrick Lamar PerformingWant know what Lady Gaga, John Legend, Nelly, Miguel and Eve all have in common?  Besides having made millions from music, they were all managed by talent management and investment mogul Troy Carter at some point.  This isn’t a biography for Mr. Carter, but it is an anecdote to highlight one simple fact.  All artists should have a manager.  Whether they are painters, singers, dancers, rappers, performers, or comedians, they should all team up with a  manager.

1. Managers Have Experience and Knowledge


The entertainment industry is a vast landscape with many pitfalls and intricacies not known to the common person.  A person can have all the talent in the world and still fall short if the proper paperwork isn’t filed.  The agent should know what is necessary at each step and can guide the artist along, providing a smooth path throughout the career of the artist.

2. Having A Manager Let’s The Artist Focus

Some artists may have a penchant for business dealings in the entertainment industry.  They even know more than some agents.  But that doesn’t change the fact that spending time managing takes time away from creating.  In most cases, the agent lives at the mercy of the artist, so it is advantageous to all parties to keep the artist creating as much as possible.  People pay for the songs, not the contracts

3. A Manager Acts As A Screen

There is a lot of fluff out there.  It’s paramount that the artist only deal with parties that can add on to what they already have going.  A full-time manager can sift through the nonsensical inquiries from bad venues and things of that nature to keep an air of exclusivity for an artist.  There comes a time when an artist may be having horse dung flung at them from every direction.  The manager makes sure that only positive energy makes it through that wall.

4. Managers Keep Their Eye On The Money

The artist is in it for the joy of their crafts and the places their talent can take them.  Sometimes, joy does overrun sense an issues may arise.  Since the agent usually works for a fee that is directly affected by the earnings and worth of the artists, the agent will push hard for bigger purses for performing.  They may seem selfish, but artists often don’t know what they’re actually worth as well as the businessmen who end up making their decisions.  A good agent will make sure that the artist takes home a good chunk of the pot for both expenses and for saving.

5. Managers Help Manage Your Tours

Aside from being very sensible about money and the industry, agents tend to have a good bank of knowledge regarding the law, especially rules around travel.  Most performers want to go on tour and show their craft off to their nation or hopefully the entire world.  How’s it sound for a DJ to be trying to master their new album from a line at the embassy working on visas?  The manager can facilitate travel arrangements or hire the right professional to do so.  There are too many horror stories about artists who were stuck in a country because they were lacking the proper documentation for travel or incorrectly dealt with the taxes after they were paid in another country.  Don’t end up in that situation.

6. Managers Keep You Out of Trouble

I don’t think anyone expects performers to act like exemplary citizens 100% of the time.  That doesn’t change the fact they they must live under the law.  Countless musicians are jailed each year for easily preventable acts.  An agent helps make sure that those acts don’t happen or receive little to no coverage.  This may seem like something that is easy to fix with money, but artists have been banned from countries where they have a huge market for mishaps with the law.