7 Reasons Why I Get Depressed Even Though I Know I Shouldn’t

A sad looking boxer puppyLately, everyone besides Drake and Ed Sheeran have been claiming they don’t have emotions.  We all know that it isn’t true. I don’t give in to my emotions as often, so when they come I have no way of controlling them since the landscape between ecstasy and depression is so unexplored for me.  For me its usually family, money, or sports that get me depressed, but sometimes it’s one of these things and I can’t shake them.  Here’s my list of depressing, mainly first world problems.

7.  Finishing the last bite of food or drink-  When I’m eating, I need to mentally prepare for my last bite.  I have to make sure it’s the right size.  There needs to be a good mix of substance and sauce.  And the same thing goes for drink. I need to have a drink enough left to wash down whatever I ate and it has to be after I finish the food.  If I take my last bite without the proper calculations, I become genuinely confused.  I start looking for the food and when I realize it’s done.  Then I just sit there pondering why I would do this to myself and figuring out how I’m going to fend off the last bit of hunger I have left.

6. A call from my parents-  My parents calling is always a scary experience.   When “mom” or “dad” pops up on my phone, I automatically start thinking about all the bad things I’ve done in the last few weeks and whether I’m about to lie or justify.  I should be happy to hear from my family members, but nah, it’s more like my heart skips a beat.

5. The end of a movie/series-  I’m a Netflix fiend and the bootleg movie sites don’t help that cause.  I enjoy a great visual story and get too emotionally invested.  So when they’re over, it’s depressing.  I almost feel like I want to follow their lives forever and see what it’s like even after the show ends.  But nope, I’m left there to wallow in my misery.

4. My phone dying-  Another iPhone user here.  And I can’t lie, my phone does me right.  But when the screen suddenly freezes, starts, that spinning/loading wheel, and then goes black, it’s devastating.  Like how you gonna do me like that?  I see the iPhone on 1%, but then it lasts for ten, fifteen, and twenty minutes so I think it’s going to be cool.  I close all of the apps and think I have a chance.  But then it dies and I’m left to experience real life like an actual human.  Crazy, huh?

3.  Losing in video games-  I’m well aware that they don’t matter, but losing in video games hurts so bad.  Xbox Live, Playstation Online, Multiplayer, or Even against the computer, losing video games strikes the soul.  I lose a game of Fifa or NBA 2k and don’t want to talk to whoever beat me for days.  I’m sure it’s the same for other people and Madden or whatever else they play.

2.  One of my favorite songs ending-  There are songs out there that speak to me on a different level.  There isn’t a particular genre, but some songs make me so happy while listening to them that I feel on a higher level of existence.  And when they end, I want to end right along with them.  Maybe it’s depression or maybe it’s as Gotye said and I’m “so happy I could die.”  Who knows?

1.  When my gas tank drops below F-  This gets me heated and sad and there is no basis.  I can’t even avoid it, but it never gets better.  I have a college degree, but my brain isn’t at a level where I can comprehend that driving is going to deplete my gas tank and that’s how I know something is wrong with me.

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