Amazing Beaches From Countries You Would Never Expect

What is your idea of a great beach? White powder sand, majestic coconut palm trees and warm crystal clear water all around you? Well, this is what most people would say. And that’s right, these beaches are really cool. There are plenty of locations where you can find these “tropical paradise” types of beaches – whether it is the Dominican Republic, Maldives, Thailand, Hawaii, Seychelles, Tahiti, Philippines etc.

In fact, some of these beaches like the Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, Copacabana Beach in Brazil or Nai Harn Beach in Thailand, have become known and popular all over the world. But have you ever heard of the Giant Causeway Beach? No? So how about the Sopot Beach? Or the Vama Veche Beach? Actually, if these names are not familiar to you at all, you don’t need to be ashamed of your geographical knowledge. These beaches are practically unknown to public awareness as they are located in countries that few tourists pick as their summer vacation destinations. Yet, many of them are surprisingly beautiful, which is why they totally deserve our attention. From the beautiful Rhosilli Beach in Wales to the mesmerizing black-sand Vik Beach in Iceland, here are 25 Amazing Beaches From Countries You Would Never Expect.