Luxurious Yachts Designed For You To Drool Over

Some people in our world have so much money there is no way they can spend it all in just one lifetime. One of the most popular places for these people to sink their money into is yachting, but we’re not talking about taking the boat out for a day on the bay with a barbecue. Oh, no. We’re talking about massive vessels; some of which look and act like small cruise liners which can both circumnavigate the globe and explore the world’s most remote bays and islets.

The superyachts on this list are true titans of the water – impressive when seen both at port and while on the move.
In this list, we’ve sailed the seven seas to bring you the coolest concept yachts ever designed – many of which have already been built into fully fledged yachts. You may catch a glimpse of one if you happen to frequent Monaco, Montserrat, or any other playground for the rich and famous. These luxurious vessels are outfitted with the latest technology and the most modern comforts, making a week at sea seem like a week in a five-star resort in the Maldives (and then some). Sporting luxurious delights from helicopter pads to on-ship spas to even a go-kart track, these yachts are the epitome of decadent design. Set sail for luxury in our list of the 25 Luxurious Yachts Designed For You To Drool Over.