The Best Places for Americans to Take a Vacation Right Now

Halfway through 2017 -- a year when the phrase “travel ban” became international news -- the conditions for a big trip are, well, surprisingly favorable! The US dollar is near historical highs against currency in places you might want to roll like a trust-funder: Mexico, Great Britain, Europe. Domestically, gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in any summer since 2005. And the rise of cheap flight options and low-cost carrier price wars have led to bafflingly cheap fares to Spain and Italy, to name just two faraway places you might actually be able to afford right now. [quads id="4"] In short, this is the year to feel rich when you travel, even if the rest of your regular ol’ life is simply cranking along. Our early predictions for the best places to go in the US and the best places to go abroad this year still hold up. But we refocused for this midsummer travel season and looked to the rest of the year for these picks to beat the pack, to save a buck, or to simply live the dream.